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To order, please contact Cutting EdgeTechnology at 1-800-478-5616. or you may use this ordering form below, and we will process your order.

We would like to welcome our International Dental Dealers::
Swede Invest Dental(Sweden)

White Honing Channel Sharpening Stone

Pictured here is the white and chocolate Honing ChannelTM Sharpening Stones along with the Clearance Stones (right) in both white and the more abrasive chocolate.
Cleaning of the Honing Channel™ Sharpening System

To clean the channels - use firm pressure to sandwich a thin piece of wet cloth or gauze between the channel needing cleaning and a dental curette. Draw the curette with the wet cloth or gauze through the stone channel. Repeat as needed during the sharpening process. The sharpening stones are fully autoclavable while the clear plastic test sticks are cold sterilizable. The raspberry red plastic test sticks are fully autoclavable.
For detailed instructions, please refer to the written directions OR video included with your purchased product(s).
If additional cleaning is neccesary the stones can be soaked overnight in Muriatic Acid (Hydrochloric Acid) 20 Baume (31.45%), following all the precautions and directions found on the bottling label of the Muriatic Acid. In addition, these above services are provided free of charge if the sharpening stones are sent to us with a payment of $7.95 to cover the return shipping and handling.

The CET Professional Staff recommends the Restorative Kit #350. It contains a chocolate stone that is more abrasive but is similar in coarseness to an Arkansas stone, taking only 2-3 strokes to put the rounded cutting edge back on very worn or damaged instruments. You would follow then using the white stone to create the smoothest, sharpest cutting edges possible on any instrument.

With previously worn or damaged instruments, if you are using the white stone only, it can take up to 15-20 strokes (because of it's fineness) the first time you use the stone.
Once you have recreated the Cutting Edge exactly where it was placed by the manufacturer, the cutting edge will never change as long as you're uising any Honing Channel™ Sharpening Stone by CET.
All products have a 60 day Money Back Guarantee and Lifetime Guarantee on any of the stone purchased.

List Price
Basic Kit (#906)

(Honing Channel TM Sharpening System/ 1 stone/either one extra fine White or one abrasive Chocolate Stone with one plastic test stick

~ (basic kits)
Restorative Kit (#350)

(Honing Channel TM Sharpening System / 4 stones: one extra fine WHITE and one abrasive CHOCOLATE sharpening stone, one extra fine White CLEARANCE STONE and one abrasive Chocolate CLEARANCE STONE/one plastic test stick

(restorative kits)
Total Kit (#219)

(Honing Channel TM Sharpening System / 5 stones: one extra fine White and one abrasive Chocolate Honing Channel Stone, one extra fine White and one abrasive Chocolate Clearance Stone, and one extra fine White Stone for all your other dental instruments with 2 clear plastic test sticks

(total kits)


Chocolate Honing Channel stone
Pictured here Chocolate and White Honing ChannelTM Sharpening Stones in profile, which you will receive with your order, as part of the Restorative or Total Kits.

Flat extra fine White Sharpening Stone

Extra Honing ChannelTM Sharpening Stones are available after your initial purchase of a Restorative, Total or Basic kit.
(Please specify which stone: white or Chocolate)

List Price
Extra Honing ChannelTM Sharpening Stones (#951)
~ ~
List Price
Extra Honing ChannelTM Clearance Stones (#601)
~ ~

Dental and Hygiene Schools- please call for pricing.

If you have any technical questions, please call our friendly and knowledgeable sales representatives at the number found at the top of this page, or e-mail us at: info@cetllc.com

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